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Public Round of Crowdfunding

02/11/2019T00:00 02/12/2019T00:00 UTC Bettex Coin: Public Round of Crowdfunding
Starts on February 11, Monday
Dear community!We’re starting a public round of crowdfunding. [b]Bettex stock[/b] token already available to purchase on [b]Waves DEX[/b] - [u][/u]The stock of the company Bettex project. Each owner will get dividends, 30% of the revenue generated from the decentralized betting exchange on the blockchain BETTEX[br][br]Мы начинаем публичный раунд краудфандинга. Токен [b]Bettex stock[/b] уже доступен для покупки на [b]децентрализованной бирже Waves[/b] - [u][/u][br]Каждый токенхолдер Bettex stock будет получать дивиденды до 30% от дохода децентрализованной биржи ставок BETTEX.[br]
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Added by Bettex
2/10/2019 11:22:11 PM
Bettex Coin
Dear community! We’re starting a public round of crowdfunding. Bettex stock token already available to purchase on Waves DEX. @Bettex_project @wavesplatform
Event added 6 months ago. Changing the price after adding the event:
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3 hours 2.18%
1 day 7.90%
2 days 9.30%
Now -93.43%

What will happen with the cryptocurrency after the event?

BTXC details

Market Cap
94.2K USD
CMC Rank: 1558
Coindar Social Index: 3194
Own blockchain
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Proof type: N/A
Circulating supply: 6624103.66642
Community  @Bettex_coin
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