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STO Launch

04/15/2019T00:00 04/16/2019T00:00 UTC Blockport: STO Launch
Starts on April 15, Monday
What is an STO?[br][br]STO stands for security token offering.[br][br]Similar to an initial coin offering (ICO), an investor is issued with a crypto coin or token representing their investment. But unlike an ICO, a security token represents an investment contract into an underlying investment asset, such as stocks, bonds, funds and real estate investment trusts (REIT).[br][br]A security can be defined as a “fungible, negotiable financial instrument that holds some type of monetary value,” i.e., an investment product that is backed by a real-world asset such as a company or property.[br][br]https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/blockport-launches-sto-to-fuel-international-market-rollout[br]
4/10/2019 9:09:00 AM
Blockport Official
Our STO is coming up on the 15th of April. Read more about it on @Cointelegraph cointelegraph.com #STO #Blockport #exchange #BPT #BPS #Cointelegraph
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What will happen with the cryptocurrency after the event?

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