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Relevancy Launch

05/20/2019T00:00 05/21/2019T00:00 UTC Invacio: Relevancy Launch
Starts on May 20, Monday
The creation of Relevancy is the original bedrock on which Invacio was built. Starting out as an AI relevancy driven social hub for entrepreneurs and business people to connect on, it rapidly became a melting pot of AI driven engines. Together these engines pool a remarkable amount of information at the fingertips of our subscribers. Market branding intelligence from across the globe (2019), financial charting linked to the words stock exchanges (2019), city guides, meeting planners and financial projections are just some of the AI correlated feeds that are available. Additionally, Relevancy gives you access to our ultra secure zero-knowledge communication system Invmail.[br][br]New and future additions to the utility within Relevancy will include our new systems Lumen and Lucid as well as a new 'fake news' analytical service.
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