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XMIN Airdrop to XEM Holders

05/07/2018T09:00 UTC NEM: XMIN Airdrop to XEM Holders
Starts on May 7, Monday 9:00 AM
General info:
Airdrop time: From 2018/05/07 09:00 AM (UTC) to 2018/05/21 00:00 AM (UTC).
Airdrop ratio: 20 XEM= 1Minutes
For example, if you store 200 XEM in ChronoMint Wallet, you will receive 10 XMIN.
ChronoMint Wallet: https://mint.chronobank.io/.
If you have any problems with $XMIN receiving, please, contact us via support@chronobank.io
How to receive MINUTES for $XEM holders?
To receive $XMIN, one simply has to send $XEM to his or her personal ChronoMint multi-currency wallet.

ChronoMint in general works as an Ethereum wallet but offers the opportunity to store and manage a variety of other cryptocurrencies with the same login data.

All participants will receive $XMIN tokens on the 21st of May.

Additionally, the first 100 people, who do the greatest number of actions (any actions through ChronoMint between 2018.05.07 and 2018.05.21) will receive additional bonuses.
5/7/2018 10:56:24 AM
🎁🎉 Announcement: MINUTES $XMIN Airdrop for $XEM holders 🎉🎁

How to take part: https://t.co/DQvh6h3N1L@NEMofficial #ChronoBank #NEM #XMINAirdrop #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #Airdrop pic.twitter.com/gUbchKLhAI
Event added 1 year ago. Changing the price after adding the event:
1 day 3.02%
2 days 3.12%
Now -87.64%

What will happen with the cryptocurrency after the event?

XEM details

Market Cap
367M USD
CMC Rank: 25
Coindar Social Index: 20
Own blockchain
Algorithm: N/A
Proof type: PoI
Circulating supply: 8999999999
Community size:
241 580
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