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Workshop: Demo Day in London, UK

04/16/2019T00:00 04/17/2019T00:00 UTC Zilliqa: Workshop: Demo Day in London, UK
Starts on April 16, Tuesday
Zilliqa (No airdrops or ETH giveaways)
There will be four workshops in London which will help students to start from the basics and launch an application on Zilliqa's blockchain. Module I, 26 March: Introduction to blockchain, smart contracts, Zilliqa, and the workshop structure bit.ly (1/2) twitter.com
3/8/2019 6:00:31 AM
Zilliqa (No airdrops or ETH giveaways)
Contd... Module II (2 April): Introduction to blockchain's business use cases bit.ly Module III (9 April): Programming and launching a complete app on blockchain bit.ly Module IV (16 April): Demo Day bit.ly See you there! (2/2)
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