Airdrop - free cryptocurrency distribution. Airdrop can arise because of hard fork, but more often coin makers do it to draw some attention.

9 December 2019, Monday

12/09/2019T00:0012/10/2019T00:00UTCIgnis: COAL Airdrop to IGNIS Holders
Event added 25 days ago.
12/09/2019T00:0012/10/2019T00:00UTCMatic Network: FLINT Airdrop to MATIC Holders
Event added 2 days ago.
12/09/2019T00:0012/10/ Coin: Airdrop
Event added 2 days ago.

11 December 2019, Wednesday

12/11/2019T00:0012/12/2019T00:00UTCTRON: BTT Airdrop to TRX Holders
Event added 27 days ago.

12 December 2019, Thursday

Experty EXY
12/12/2019T00:0012/13/2019T00:00UTCExperty: Airdrop to 10 Random Winners
Event added 2 days ago.

24 December 2019, Tuesday

12/24/2019T00:0012/25/2019T00:00UTCEmirex Token: Rewards Program Ends
Event added 24 days ago.
12/24/2019T15:00UTCEmirex Token: Giveaway Ends
Event added 1 month ago.

25 December 2019, Wednesday

Horizen ZEN
12/25/2019T00:0012/26/2019T00:00UTCHorizen: Faucet Bonus Day
Event added 4 days ago.

During December 2019

Bancor BNT
12/01/2019T00:0001/01/2020T00:00UTCBancor: Airdrop
Event added 20 days ago.
KickToken KICK
12/01/2019T00:0001/01/2020T00:00UTCKickToken: Airdrop to Random KICK Holders
Event added 13 days ago.

During 4 Quarter 2019

Energi NRG
12/31/2019T00:0001/01/2020T00:00UTCEnergi: Coin Distribution
Event added 1 month ago.

8 January 2020, Wednesday

01/08/2020T00:0001/09/2020T00:00UTCBitcoin Rhodium: Airdrop Snapshot
Event added 1 month ago.
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