Airdrop - free cryptocurrency distribution. Airdrop can arise because of hard fork, but more often coin makers do it to draw some attention.

During January 2019

01/01/2019T00:0002/01/2019T00:00UTCOneRoot Network: BXA Airdrop for RNT Holders
Event added 14 days ago.
01/01/2019T00:0002/01/2019T00:00UTCMorpheus Network: Airdrop
Event added 11 days ago.

15 February 2019, Friday

02/15/2019T00:0002/16/2019T00:00UTCSubstratum: Airdrop
Event added 4 days ago.

During February 2019

02/01/2019T00:0003/01/2019T00:00UTCNoLimitCoin: Snapshot
Event added 28 days ago.

15 March 2019, Friday

03/15/2019T00:0003/16/2019T00:00UTCSubstratum: Airdrop
Event added 4 days ago.

During 1 Quarter 2019

03/31/2019T00:0004/01/2019T00:00UTCWaves: Vostok Airdrop for WAVES Holders
Event added 24 days ago.
03/31/2019T00:0004/01/2019T00:00UTCPylon Network: PYLNC Distribution for PYLNT Holders
Event added 2 months ago.

During April 2019

04/01/2019T00:0005/01/2019T00:00UTCWaves: Vostok Token Airdrop for WAVES Holders
Event added 3 days ago.
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