Participation or sponsorship in conference has almost no effect on cryptocurrency value, but it indicates activity of coin developers.

22 July 2019, Monday

07/22/2019T00:0007/23/2019T00:00UTCCeler Network: BUIDL Asia in Seoul, South Korea
Event added 14 days ago.

24 July 2019, Wednesday

07/24/2019T01:00UTCNEM: LogiSYM 2019 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Event added 1 hour ago.

25 July 2019, Thursday

07/25/2019T00:0007/26/2019T00:00UTCLATOKEN: World Blockchain Summit in Singapore
Event added 27 days ago.

12 August 2019, Monday

08/12/2019T00:0008/13/2019T00:00UTCDAPS Token: Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, Canada
Event added 4 days ago.
adbank ADB
08/12/2019T00:0008/13/2019T00:00UTCadbank: Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, Canada
Event added 3 days ago.

4 September 2019, Wednesday

09/04/2019T00:0009/05/2019T00:00UTCBitcoin Cash: Bitcoin Cash City Conference in North Queensland, Australia
Event added 22 days ago.

3 October 2019, Thursday

10/03/2019T00:0010/04/2019T00:00UTCEthereum Classic: ETC Summit 2019 in Vancouver, Canada
Event added 3 months ago.

27 October 2019, Sunday

10/27/2019T15:00UTCBlockparty (BOXX Token): Litecoin Summit 2019 in Las Vegas, USA
Event added 1 month ago.

4 November 2019, Monday

Stellar XLM
11/04/2019T00:0011/05/2019T00:00UTCStellar: Stellar Meridian in Mexico City, Mexico
Event added 1 month ago.

6 December 2019, Friday

12/06/2019T03:00UTCCryptocurrencies: Blockchain Eventon in Mumbai, India
Event added 13 days ago.
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