Participation or sponsorship in conference has almost no effect on cryptocurrency value, but it indicates activity of coin developers.

18 November 2018, Sunday

11/18/2018T00:0011/19/2018T00:00UTCHdac: Singapore Fintech Festival 2018
Event added 11 days ago.

21 November 2018, Wednesday

Bitcoin BTC
11/21/2018T00:0011/22/2018T00:00UTCBitcoin: Russian Blockchain Day 2018 in Moscow, Russia
Event added 2 months ago.
Bitcoin BTC
11/21/2018T00:0011/22/2018T00:00UTCBitcoin: CryptoEvent RIW Global Conference in Moscow, Russia
Event added 1 month ago.

27 November 2018, Tuesday

11/27/2018T00:0011/28/ Consensus: Invest 2018 in New York, USA
Event added 23 days ago.
11/27/2018T00:0011/28/2018T00:00UTCBenz: Asia Blockchain Week in Singapore
Event added 11 days ago.
Bluzelle BLZ
11/27/2018T00:0011/28/2018T00:00UTCBluzelle: East Tech West Conference in Guangzhou, China
Event added 11 days ago.

28 November 2018, Wednesday

Event added by official representative

Malta Gaming Week

11/28/2018T00:0011/29/2018T00:00UTCDAO.Casino: Malta Gaming Week
Event added 1 month ago.

29 November 2018, Thursday

Stratis STRAT
11/29/2018T00:0011/30/2018T00:00UTCStratis: Blockchain Expo in Silicon Valley, USA
Event added 1 month ago.
Monoeci XMCC
11/29/2018T00:0011/30/2018T00:00UTCMonoeci: M.I.B Summit in Monaco
Event added 1 month ago.

11 December 2018, Tuesday

12/11/2018T00:0012/12/2018T00:00UTCSophiaTX: CIO Executive Summit in Toronto, Canada
Event added 1 month ago.

12 December 2018, Wednesday

Polymath POLY
12/12/2018T00:0012/13/2018T00:00UTCPolymath: Hong Kong BlockChain Summit 2018
Event added 11 days ago.

15 December 2018, Saturday

Monero XMR
12/15/2018T00:0012/16/2018T00:00UTCMonero: Monero Privacy Summit in Phoenix, USA
Event added 1 month ago.

14 January 2019, Monday

Bitcoin BTC
01/14/2019T00:0001/15/2019T00:00UTCBitcoin: 2nd Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week in Seoul, South Korea
Event added 2 months ago.

17 January 2019, Thursday

01/17/2019T00:0001/18/2019T00:00UTCTRON: Nitron Summit 2019 in San Francisco, USA
Event added 21 day ago.
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