Participation or sponsorship in conference has almost no effect on cryptocurrency value, but it indicates activity of coin developers.

21 January 2019, Monday

aXpire AXP
01/21/2019T00:0001/22/2019T00:00UTCaXpire: Blockchain Investment Technology Conference Middle East in Dubai, UAE
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23 January 2019, Wednesday

Bitcoin BTC
Supported by Coindar

Chain Plus in Seoul, South Korea

01/23/2019T00:0001/24/2019T00:00UTCBitcoin: Chain Plus in Seoul, South Korea
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24 January 2019, Thursday

01/24/2019T00:0001/25/2019T00:00UTCPikcioChain: Salon de la Finance in Marseille, France
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4 February 2019, Monday

02/04/2019T00:0002/05/2019T00:00UTCWAX: DEW: Digital Entertainment World in Los Angeles, USA
Event added 12 days ago.

16 February 2019, Saturday

02/16/2019T00:0002/17/2019T00:00UTCNEO: NEO DevCon 2019 in Seattle, USA
Event added 1 month ago.

20 March 2019, Wednesday

LanaCoin LANA
03/20/2019T00:0003/21/2019T00:00UTCLanaCoin: RISK 2019 in Maribor, Slovenia
Event added 12 days ago.

17 April 2019, Wednesday

Cardano ADA
04/17/2019T00:0004/18/2019T00:00UTCCardano: The IOHK Summit 2019 in Miami, USA
Event added 11 days ago.
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