It's not a secret, that contests may become a good chance to promote your coin and many crypto-developers carrying out them. An average users getting a chance to win a money prizes, dev's getting attention to their coin.

23 April 2019, Tuesday

04/23/2019T00:0004/24/2019T00:00UTCDAPS Token: Trading Competition on BitMart
Event added 5 hours ago.

24 April 2019, Wednesday

04/24/2019T00:0004/25/2019T00:00UTCStreamr DATAcoin: Hackathon in Zurich, Switzerland
Event added yesterday.

25 April 2019, Thursday

04/25/2019T00:0004/26/2019T00:00UTCUnited Traders Token: Trading Competition
Event added 17 days ago.

26 April 2019, Friday

Devery EVE
04/26/2019T00:0004/27/2019T00:00UTCDevery: Hackathon 2.0
Event added 17 days ago.

30 April 2019, Tuesday

SnowGem XSG
04/30/2019T00:0005/01/2019T00:00UTCSnowGem: Video Contest
Event added 19 days ago.

During 2 Quarter 2019

Hercules HERC
06/30/2019T00:0007/01/2019T00:00UTCHercules: Hackathon
Event added 2 months ago.
06/30/2019T00:0007/01/2019T00:00UTCPENG: Hackathon
Event added 2 months ago.
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