Here you will find information about coin listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. Such events quite strongly affect on its value.

10 December 2019, Tuesday

Contentos COS

Listing on Bitrue

24 hour trade volume on Bitrue: $71,017,718
12/10/2019T06:00UTCContentos: Listing on Bitrue
Event added 9 days ago.
12/10/2019T10:00UTCTOKOK: Listing on Cat.Ex
Event added 2 days ago.

Listing on TOKOK

24 hour trade volume on TOKOK: $235,819,310
12/10/2019T10:00UTCCatex Token: Listing on TOKOK
Event added yesterday.

11 December 2019, Wednesday

Tezos XTZ

Listing on DigiFinex

24 hour trade volume on DigiFinex: $476,011,845
12/11/2019T02:00UTCTezos: Listing on DigiFinex
Event added 2 days ago.

Listing on Indodax

24 hour trade volume on Indodax: $2,158,188
12/11/2019T07:00UTCOKB: Listing on Indodax
Event added 4 days ago.

12 December 2019, Thursday


Listing on VinDAX

24 hour trade volume on VinDAX: $829,385,816
12/12/2019T08:00UTCLOLTOKEN: Listing on VinDAX
Event added 5 days ago.

19 December 2019, Thursday

AdCoin ACC

Delisting From Crex24

24 hour trade volume on Crex24: $1,084,797
12/19/2019T00:0012/20/2019T00:00UTCAdCoin: Delisting From Crex24
Event added 2 days ago.

25 December 2019, Wednesday

12/25/2019T00:0012/26/2019T00:00UTCDEEX: Loaning Service
Event added 11 days ago.

During December 2019

12/01/2019T00:0001/01/2020T00:00UTCHYCON: Listing on Bittrex Global
Event added 9 days ago.
Valor Token VALOR
12/01/2019T00:0001/01/2020T00:00UTCValor Token: Listing on Smart Valor
Event added 1 month ago.
DigiByte DGB

Delisting From Poloniex

24 hour trade volume on Poloniex: $36,281,309
12/01/2019T00:0001/01/2020T00:00UTCDigiByte: Delisting From Poloniex
Event added 3 days ago.

During 4 Quarter 2019

Verasity VRA
12/31/2019T00:0001/01/2020T00:00UTCVerasity: Listing on Two New Exchanges
Event added 24 days ago.

Listing on HaloDEX

24 hour trade volume on HaloDeX: $4,313
12/31/2019T00:0001/01/2020T00:00UTCTRON: Listing on HaloDEX
Event added 13 days ago.
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