Hard fork

Hard fork - change in cryptocurrency protocol that introduces a new rule into network, which becomes incompatible with the old software.

16 September 2019, Monday

09/16/2019T00:0009/17/2019T00:00UTCION: Hard Fork
Event added 10 days ago.

1 October 2019, Tuesday

Peercoin PPC
10/01/2019T00:0010/02/2019T00:00UTCPeercoin: Hard Fork
Event added 2 months ago.
Ravencoin RVN
10/01/2019T00:0010/02/2019T00:00UTCRavencoin: Hard Fork
Event added 11 days ago.

During November 2019

11/01/2019T00:0012/01/2019T00:00UTCCallisto Network: Hard Fork
Event added 4 days ago.

During December 2019

12/01/2019T00:0001/01/2020T00:00UTCBeam: PoW Algorithm Change
Event added 7 months ago.

During 4 Quarter 2019

Wanchain WAN
12/31/2019T00:0001/01/2020T00:00UTCWanchain: Galaxy Proof of Stake
Event added 5 months ago.

15 January 2020, Wednesday

01/15/2020T00:0001/16/2020T00:00UTCGrin: Hard Fork
Event added 4 days ago.
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