The fact of a meetup almost does not affect on cryptocurrency value, but it shows actibity of coin community.

28 May 2019, Tuesday

05/28/2019T10:30UTCEnjin Coin: Singapore Meetup
Event added 6 days ago.

30 May 2019, Thursday

05/30/2019T17:00UTCPrimalbase Token: London Meetup, UK
Event added 11 days ago.

1 June 2019, Saturday

06/01/2019T10:30UTCBinance Coin: Hyderabad Meetup, India
Event added yesterday.

5 June 2019, Wednesday

Cosmos ATOM
06/05/2019T14:30UTCCosmos: Amsterdam Meetup, Netherlands
Event added yesterday.
Decred DCR
06/05/2019T16:30UTCDecred: Berlin Meetup, Germany
Event added yesterday.

6 June 2019, Thursday

06/06/2019T23:00UTCOKB: OKEx Talks 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia
Event added 13 days ago.

12 June 2019, Wednesday

06/12/2019T11:00UTCTenX: Singapore Meetup
Event added 8 days ago.
06/12/2019T11:00UTCDigix Gold Token: Singapore Meetup
Event added 4 days ago.

18 June 2019, Tuesday

06/18/2019T08:00UTCNano: London Meetup, UK
Event added yesterday.

19 June 2019, Wednesday

Ravencoin RVN
06/19/2019T15:00UTCRavencoin: Amsterdam Meetup, Netherlands
Event added 26 days ago.
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