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Chain Plus in Seoul, South Korea

01/23/2019T00:00 01/24/2019T00:00 UTC Bitcoin: Chain Plus in Seoul, South Korea
시작일 1월 23, 수요일
                        Korea's Biggest Conference is Around the Corner [br][br] Chain Plus Korea, one of the most influential blockchain summit and conference organized by Chainers and MTN (Money Today Network, the 3rd largest Economic Media Group) is about to open on January 23-24 2019 at the Seoul Dragon City in Seoul, with the prediction of 2,000+ audience to attend from worldwide.     
[br][br]The conference was not only responded well by global top investment institutions, exchanges,  world-famous blockchain medias, industry leaders, and high-quality blockchain companies, but also strongly supported by government from many countries. [br][br]Being a top blockchain incubator and accelerator based in Seoul, Chainers has decided to contribute himself into building up a healthy ecosystem from the date of establishment. Therefore, Chain Plus 2019 would focus on the government policy, industrial trend, potential opportunities and future development of blockchain industry in Korea as well as real use cases, hot topics and deep insight from a global perspective.  
[br][br]A group of unprecedentedly luxurious speakers will show up to share their insights of the industry including many government officials both in Korea and worldwide.  [br]Government officials: [br]Won-soon Park, Mayor of Seoul;  [br]Woongrae Noh, Chairman of Science, ICT, Broadcasting, and Communications Committee, The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea;  [br] Wonki Min, Vice Minister of Science and ICT; [br]Heekyoung Song, Co-president of Fourth Industrial Revolution Forum, The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea; [br]Byounggwan Kim, Member of National Assembly of the Republic of Korea; [br]Silvio Schembri, Junior Minister for Malta Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation; [br]Kalle Palling, Parliament of Estonia Ref
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