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2nd Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week in Seoul, South Korea

01/14/2019T00:00 01/15/2019T00:00 UTC Bitcoin: 2nd Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week in Seoul, South Korea
시작일 1월 14, 월요일
[b]Asia's Biggest Blockchain Week Events [/b](Two days Summit & One Week Business Tour )on [b]Jan. 14th-18th 2019 in South Korea[/b], it named[b] 2nd Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week [/b]which held by [b]Chainers[/b] and Co-organized by [b]The Blockchainer , BlockchainI, JLAB, JRR  Crypto, TimeStamp Capital[/b][b],[/b][b]ONT Eco[/b][b],[/b][b]Consensus Investment[/b][b],[/b][b] Blockchain Investment[/b]   [br][br]Time:
Starts: [br]14th Jan. 2019   9:00AM        Ends:  18th Jan. 2019   18:00PM
Organizers:  [br]Chainers Inc,[b]No.1 Blockchain industry focused business development & advisory service company in South Korea[/b],It is set up as a JV company between [b]Vision Creator[/b] (South Korea based Cross-border M&A advisory, Venture capital investment firm ) and[b] The Blockchainer [/b](NO.1 service provider in blockchain industry in China) [br][br][b]Website[/b]:
 Event Hightlights:
1. South Korea is the most active Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies markets in Asia with five million digital currency retail investors. [br]2. Meeting Luxurious investors after parties and activities during the whole week [br]3. South Korean Mainstream Economy TV Channel and Top Blockchain Industry Media providing high exposure rate and many promotion chances [br]4. Great support from Top South Korea Finance Groups, Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Local Blockchain Associations and Developer Communities[br]5. 50 + Token Fund and Venture capitals mainly from South Korea,China,US are looking for promising projects to invest [br]6. 2600+ Attendees from 20+ Countries and Regions [br]7. Well-Organized Business Tour will lead you enter quality projects, tech-companies, crypto funds and
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